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    Installing Streamer Fault Passage Indicators CL paired with Lightbox means that control engineers get near real-time data of a network status as well as receive alarms about events with the section involved.


    KOMORSAN software provides the platform for distribution network monitoring. Komorsan data acquisition and processing system is based on increasing number of small, low cost communicating Streamer Fault Passage Indicators CL installed in every section of the network.

    KOMORSAN allows the utility to control the status of installed Fault Passage Indicators CL on map.

    At the same time KOMORSAN provides the possibility of transferring data to SCADA via IEC 104 protocol.

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    System overview

    Information about system status, operating current and voltage can be seen in web-clients.

    KOMORSAN is an intuitive and user-friendly tool. Data can always be accessed thanks to the web client displaying stasus and reports with graphs.

    Map visualisation

    Installed devices can be saved with their current location. They will be shown on an online map to speed up the access by linemen. This tool also gives a realistic overview of the network. Status of the particular Fault Passage Indicator CL on the map is availilable in just one click.

    Unit control

    Settngs of the installed devices can be changed remotely. Each time when the device is connecting to the network (fault event or health check) the updated settngs are transmitted. Informatton sent by the device is stored in KOMORSAN event list.

    Fault message forwarding

    During fault events, the system directly contacts the right addressee via SMS and sends details about the type of a fault and the devices triggered.

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    KOMORSAN hosted on local server
    License + server cost Displaying network on map
    Advanced data analysis
    Subscribing to receive alarms Integration to SCADA (optional)
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