Hotstick adapter for live-line installation

    K-type adapter
    00-type adapter
    S-type adapter
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    Linemen use hotsticks to carry out maintenance operations without energy supply interruption as well as to provide restoration of power of overhead networks without having to climb poles. These standard tools can be used easily for FPIs installation. Hotsticks may be vary in junction and length, as overhead lines in different regions differ in design and dimensions.

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    Selection guide

    Type of Hotstick adapter Description Reference

    K-type adapter
    Hotstick adapter universal FO.LO.HSTI.0K.WW
    00-type adapter
    Hotstick adapter with threaded end FO.LO.HSTI.00.WW
    S-type adapter Hotstick adapter for clamp-s􀆟ck FO.LO.HSTI.0S.WW