Handheld Remote Control (RC)

    Communication viaRF, 433,92 MHz
    Communication distance50 m
    Battery9 V
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    Streamer Fault Passage Indicator CL comes with Radio Frequency (RF) and memory capabilities. Thanks to Remote control, linemen can access data, test & reset fault indicators, modify settngs or even update software of fault indicators. Devices are accessible with Remote control within 50m, open air.

    Instant line currents

    Instant currents on each line (A, B & C) can be viewed thanks to the Remote control.

    Data logs

    Each fault is recorded into the data logger. Over 50 faults can be recorded. Information stored includes: phases, timestamp, currents values and others. Logs can be simply viewed on the remote control or downloaded.


    Settngs of fault indicators can be modified with Remote control.

    Settngs that can be modified are:

  • minimum current sensing thresholds,
  • delay timer,
  • LEDs total flashing duration,
  • automatic reset timers
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    Indication that can be performed via Handheld Remote Control.

    Is valid for CL2 and CL0.5 only